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Eric Waldron, PhD, LP, ABPP-CN

Eric Waldron, PhD, LP

Specialties and Services
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My Care Philosophy
Clinical neuropsychology is the science that lies at the intersection of neurology, neuroscience, and psychology. In a neuropsychological evaluation, the patient will meet with me and will also work on tests that measure thinking ability and psychological well-being. The purpose of the evaluation is to understand thinking strengths and weaknesses, brain functioning, psychological functioning, and to assist in diagnostic clarification. I attempt to take a compassionate and science based approach when working with patients. My goal is to understand how medical, psychosocial, and environmental factors contribute to a patient's condition. My hope is that patients will come away with an improved understanding of their condition, as well as with recommendations that will improve their well-being.
Leadership Roles and Memberships
  • Member, Cognitive Neuroscience Society (2005-2010)
  • Member, International Neuropsychological Society (2007-present)