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University of Minnesota Medical Center - West Bank Campus

Wilf Family Center Reservations

How to Reserve a Space

Make a request for the Wilf Family Center. Reservation requests that require detailed AV or furniture setup must be made at least 5 business days prior to the activity. Basic room requests can be made 1 day in advance.

Reservation Request Instructions

To browse the calendar for availability (no login required):

  • Click "Request a Space" link on the left 
  • Click "Browse," then "Browse for Space"

To create an account: 

  • Click “My Account,” then “Create an Account”

To request a new reservation:

  • Click “My Account,” “Log In,” then enter your email address and password
  • Click “Reservations” then “Request a Space”
Please note: Submitting a request does not reserve the space.

Once a space has been requested, you will receive an email within three business days notifying you as to whether your request can be met. Requests must be made at least 5 business days prior to your activity.

To view your reservation:

  • Click “Reservations” then “View My Requests”
Recurring activities will show as one reservation. Click the reservation name to see the individual bookings inside.

To edit your reservation:

  • To edit the date or time of all or some of the bookings inside a reservation, click “Booking Tools”
  • To edit the location of a booking, click the pencil and paper icon
  • To edit the A/V or furniture layout requests for a booking, click the green "+" icon 
  • To cancel a booking, click the red “x” icon 

If you do not see these icons, it is too close to your reservation to make changes online and you must contact

For questions or comments, please contact Wilf Family Center Manager, at