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M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center - Minneapolis

Artwork: An Essential Part of Healing Experience at New Clinics and Surgery Center

When patients, visitors and staff step into the University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center, they will immediately sense a new approach to delivering care. It is an innovative, efficient space, technology forward and focused on research and education. But just as important, patient and visitor experience comes first. The visually stimulating artwork, which complements the natural light and colors and references local geography, contributes to a healing and intimate environment. Research confirms that artwork can improve patient outcomes and help with the healing process as well as improve patient satisfaction, self-esteem, resilience and coping.1

There are nearly 45 pieces of varied artwork in public spaces and hundreds more in patient areas. The artwork varies from photographs to paintings to sculpture.  We are proud to feature artwork created or sourced primarily from Minnesota artists and believe that it will be enjoyed by all who visit the Clinics and Surgery Center.

The artwork was selected in partnership with Art Force, an art consultant located in Minneapolis.

1 Society for the Arts in Healthcare in partnership with the Joint Commission and Americans for the Arts in the State of the Field Report: Arts in Healthcare, 2009.

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Watch a video showing installation of a large hanging sculpture and hear artists explain their perspectives about the healing power of art.

“Art Force believes in the transformative power of visual imagery. The environments in which we live, work, and spend time affects the way that we feel and behave. Artwork has a particularly strong impact in healthcare settings where individuals may be especially stressed or vulnerable.  The findings of scientific research demonstrate that viewing certain images influence such measurables as pain medication needs, length of hospital stay, and vital signs.”
—Jennifer Lindgren, Sr. Art Consultant and Healthcare Specialist
"I'm honored to be a small part of this beautiful facility. I was looking at a piece [of art] in an examination room when it dawned on me how many people might glance at this image in a moment of stress or discomfort. And, if only for a short time, one of my images might help get their mind off the medical ordeal, what better use of art is there?"
—John Heino, Photographer