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Giving and Volunteering

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always get the volunteer position I want?
We can’t guarantee open positions because we work with so many volunteers during a year.  If the position you want is not available, we ask that you start in another area and you will be put on a waiting list for your first choice.

How long does it take before I can start?
From completing the  application to the start of on-the-job training, the average time is three to four weeks.  However it does depend on how diligent you are in completing your health assessment, background check and interview.

Do I need to interview more than once?
Usually there is only one interview, but supervisors may ask to meet with you before you are placed.

Do I have to pay for the health assessment?
Health screening and testing is provided at no cost.  If you need Varicella vaccine you must go to your own clinic.

I just had a Mantoux test.  Can I use that result?
Bring the documentation of your Mantoux test to your health assessment.  Your nurse will make that determination.

Are there volunteer positions on the weekends or evenings?
Yes, some of our programs offer more flexibility.  Discuss it with your Program Coordinator during the interview.

Can I volunteer in more than one area?
We ask that you begin in one area, and if it is a good fit with your schedule, we will consider adding another area.

Can I volunteer more than once a week?
Yes, it is possible depending on your schedule.  Students who are here for the summer have that option.

Can I get community service hours at the hospital?
We do not work with people needing community service hours.

Do you offer the opportunity to shadow physicians or observe in a clinical setting?

Do you offer internships or paid employment?
No.  The Organizational Learning Department works with internships.  The Human Resources Department hires the employees for the medical center.

Are there age requirements for some programs?
Yes, some programs require that volunteers be 21 years old or older.  High school students 15 years old or older are only eligible for our summer Junior Volunteer Program.