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For Medical Professionals

When Making Appointments

Patients with urgent medical or surgical needs are given priority in our appointment system. Appointments for non-urgent problems are scheduled several days to several weeks in advance.

We will, to the fullest extent of our resources, accept emergency cases on the same or next day. Patients requiring hospitalization may be referred to an emergency room for evaluation.

Patient Insurance

We expect HMO and PPO patients to have a referral for the visit (if required by their plan) and to pay the co-payment specified by the plan at the time of service. Please have your patients familiarize themselves with their specific coverage to understand their payment obligations. They should contact their insurance companies to determine their plan's specific requirements and coverage options.


We participate in the state Medicaid programs of Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. If your patient is from one of these states and has out-of-state prior-authorization restrictions, the patient should contact the appropriate people to complete these requirements. Except in emergency situations, we will not provide care to Medicaid patients from other states unless arrangements are made in advance to fully pay billed charges for both the physicians and hospital services.

Medicaid patients are required to bring their current Medical Assistance card. If their plan requires a co-payment, it will be due at the time of service. If the patient does not have a card, we may not be able to verify plan eligibility, and the patient will be considered self-paying.

Services for Patients

Many special services are available for patients. If your patient has a specific need or would like a full list of services, they may search the Care section of our website or call us at 612-672-7000 for adults and 888-KIDS-UMN for children.