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Transforming Care Through Research

University of Minnesota Health is an academic health system, which is a partnership between one or more universities and healthcare providers focusing on research, clinical services, education, and training. 

We partner closely with our research partners at University of Minnesota to develop new health technologies and treatment approaches. You can get involved in this exciting research by participating in a clinical trial.

Research Legacy

The University of Minnesota is a world-class research institution with a well-established medical school that dates back to 1888. The University pioneered medical discoveries like the first external pacemaker, the first successful bone marrow transplant, and the world’s first stem cell institute. 

The University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus ranks No. 8 in public research institutions in the United States based on the Center for Measuring University Performance (CMUP)’s 2013 report, the most current report released by the center. Learn more about the University of Minnesota’s long history advancing health science discoveries.