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Reimagining the partnership between Fairview and the University of Minnesota

Patient care, research, education and advocacy are at the core of a new approach.

Fairview, the University of Minnesota, and University of Minnesota Physicians today announced that a non-binding letter of intent, the first, significant legal step in creating a long-term agreement—has been approved by the boards of all three organizations. The letter of intent advances the joint effort to create a nationally renowned health system that combines academic and community resources to provide the very best clinical care to patients and communities, while supporting research and education across the joint health care delivery system.

“In reimagining our future, we’ve focused our efforts on how we can best advance our shared vision for improving health, innovating on the delivery of care, discovering new treatments and cures and educating the health workforce to help the people of our region lead longer, healthier lives,” said James Hereford, Fairview president and CEO, who has led the Fairview team’s engagement in the partnership for its next phase.

Negotiations on behalf of the University are being led by Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota Medical School Dean, Interim Vice President for Health Sciences and University of Minnesota Physicians Board Chair.

“The letter of intent is a significant step. The true value, of course, will be the actions and decisions that follow. To realize our obligation to the State of Minnesota and to fulfill our land grant mission, the medical school needs a partner committed to the academic mission. Today, the Board of Regents approved a new shared vision and ambition for our partnership with Fairview Health Services,” said Tolar.

Once finalized, a new agreement would continue through Dec. 31, 2026, with an option for a 10-year extension in 2023.

“As we work to transform health care, we believe our potential is limitless,” says Hereford. “Achieving that potential starts with doing what’s best for our patients at every stage and age. We step forward aligned and confident in our direction and focused on continuing to forge our path together.”