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Mpls.St.Paul Magazine recognizes University of Minnesota Health doctors as “Rising Stars” in 2017

On Tuesday, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine released the 2017 edition of “Top Doctors: Rising Stars,” an annual list of up-and-coming physicians who are making a mark in medicine.
Pediatric Dermatologist Ingrid Polcari, MD, has been recognized as a "Rising Star" this year by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. She is one of 90 doctors affiliated with University of Minnesota Physicians who made the magazine's list in 2017.

Dozens of University of Minnesota Health physicians were honored as “Rising Stars” in their fields by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine this week.

On Tuesday, the magazine released the 2017 edition of “Top Doctors: Rising Stars,” an annual list of up-and-coming physicians who are making a mark in medicine. This year, 90 doctors affiliated with University of Minnesota Physicians across 33 medical specialties were included in the list. Of that total, 86 physicians see patients at University of Minnesota Health clinics and hospitals. The remaining four serve patients at University of Minnesota Physicians locations.

Scroll down for a complete list of University of Minnesota Physicians doctors recognized as Rising Stars.

To be selected, “Rising Stars” candidates must have been fully licensed to practice for 10 years or less. Each individual named to the list of “Rising Stars” was chosen by peers in the field. All candidates are evaluated on numerous factors, including professional achievement, review by an expert panel, research and disciplinary history. All total, 386 local physicians were named by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. University of Minnesota Physicians doctors made up nearly one-quarter of all those listed.

A total of 71 University of Minnesota Physicians doctors were honored as “Rising Stars” last year. University of Minnesota Physicians is the multi-specialty group practice for the University of Minnesota Medical School faculty.

See our full list of honorees below. Pediatric physicians are noted with * following their names. 

Adoption Medicine

Judith Eckerle, MD*

Allergy and Immunology

Douglas McMahon, MD
Chandra Castro, MD


Jacob Hutchins, MD


Matthew Ambrose, MD*
Rebecca Cogswell, MD, NNP
Gurumurthy Hiremath, MD, MBBS, FACC*
Kimara March, MD
Henri Roukoz, MD
Rochus Voeller, MD

Colon and Rectal Surgery

Wolfgang Gaertner, MD

Critical Care Medicine

Gwenyth Fischer, MD*
Ronald Reilkoff, MD


Rehana Ahmed-Saucedo, MD, PhD
Christina Boull, MD*
Daniel Miller, MD
Ingrid Polcari, MD*

Emergency Medicine

Kari Schneider, MD*


Muna Sunni, MD*

Family Medicine

Michael Broton, MD
Carrie Ann Link, MD
Robert Levy, MD
Andrew Slattengren, DO


James Abraham, MD
Stuart Amateau, MD, PhD
Nicholas Lim, MD
Amar Mahgoub, MD
Byron Vaughn, MD
Jose Vega-Peralta, MD

Gynecologic Oncology

Britt Erickson, MD
Deanna Teoh, MD
Boris Winterhoff, MD


Craig Eckfeldt, MD, PhD


Heather Beckwith, MD
Naomi Fujioka, MD
Peter Gordon, MD, MPH*
Emily Greengard, MD*
Karim Thomas Sadak, MD, MPH, MSE*
Lucie Turcotte, MD, MPH*


Andrew Olson, MD*

Infectious Disease

Shane McAllister, MD, PhD*
Meghan Rothenberger, MD

Internal Medicine

Mumtaz “Taj” Mustapha, MD

Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

Erin Osterholm, MD*
Sara Ramel, MD*


Christian Hanna, MD, MS*


Andrew Grande, MD, FRCS, FAANS
Michael Park, MD


Georgios Manousakis, MD


Samantha Hoffman, MD
Sarah Hutto, MD, MPH


Ray Areaux, MD*
Jess Boysen, MD
Joshua Hou, MD
Amanda Maltry, MD
Ali Mokhtarzadeh, MD
Joshua Olson, MD
Michael Page, MD, MA

Orthopaedic Surgery

Sarah Anderson, MD
Alicia Harrison, MD*
Paul Lafferty, MD


Meredith Adams, MD, MS
Jennifer Hsia, MD
Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD
Stephanie Misono, MD, MPH
William Walsh, MD
Brianne Roby, MD*


Lara Al-Ejeilat, MD*
Andrew Barnes, MD, MPH*
Emily Borman-Shoap, MD*
Naomi Goloff, MD*
Michael Pitt, MD*

Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation

Roderick Sembrano, MD


Jessica Cici, MD*

Pulmonary Medicine

Abbie Begnaud, MD
Felix Zamora, MD

Radiation Oncology

Charles Shideman, MD, PhD


Kelly Dietz, MD
Siobhan Flanagan, MD
Michael Murati, MD*
David Nascene, MD*
Jeffrey Rykken, MD
Tina Sanghvi, MD


Colleen Correll, MD*
Patricia Hobday, MD*

Sports Medicine

Jeffrey Macalena, MD
Marc Tompkins, MD

Surgical Oncology

Jane Hui, MD, MS


Nissrine Nakib, MD
Christopher Weight, MD