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Q&A: Caitlin Millman honored with Masonic Mission Award for patient advocacy

Clinic Supervisor Caitlin Millman helps patients navigate insurance questions and streamline appointment schedules—all so that they can focus on healing.
Clinic Supervisor Caitlin Millman (left), who serves patients at University of Minnesota Health MINCEP Epilepsy Care Clinic in St. Louis Park, is our most recent Masonic Mission Award winner.

Clinic Supervisor Caitlin Millman knows how important it can be for patients to have an ally as they navigate health insurance or appointment scheduling—all while attending to their own health.

That’s why she’s passionate about her work with University of Minnesota Health MINCEP Epilepsy Care’s pediatric patients. She often handles incoming phone calls or inquiries from patient’s families, and helps them locate the answers they need. Her diligence is why Millman was recently honored with our quarterly Masonic Mission Award, which is given to staff members nominated directly by patients.

Our nominator, Wendy Allen, had this to say about Millman’s work: “Caitlin was amazing at helping us fight through insurance issues and worked very diligently to make sure everything was taken care of so we wouldn’t have to reschedule our appointments. She did this all with a caring attitude and really made us feel special and not like just another patient.”

We spoke with Caitlin to learn more about her day-to-day responsibilities and to get her reaction to winning the award.

Learn more about our pediatric epilepsy care services. 

Describe your role and day-to-day responsibilities as a clinic supervisor with our MINCEP epilepsy care program at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

My day-to-day responsibilities include making sure MINCEP Epilepsy Care’s outpatient clinic is running smoothly. I answer a lot phone calls from new patients and work with both our in- and out-of-state patients to organize all the appointments they may need in as few trips as possible. 

Why are you passionate about your position?

I have worked at MINCEP Epilepsy Care for nine years. In my time here, I have learned a lot about epilepsy and the challenges people with epilepsy can face. I love talking with patients and enjoy meeting their needs or helping them find answers. I am proud that I get a chance to assist our patients and make their care experience more positive.

Describe your reaction to receiving the 2016 Masonic Mission Award. What does the honor mean to you?

I am extremely flattered and grateful to receive such a great award.  Knowing that I was nominated by a patient for the work I have done is the most gratifying part of the whole process.

Our nominating family said you provided help navigating insurance issues and scheduling. What is your philosophy toward patient care? How do you make a difference for each of your patients? 

Insurance policies, benefits, and denials can sometimes be challenging to navigate. I have learned that barriers come up with insurance, but it is important to help the patient keep moving toward the next step.  I try to make sure we do all we can to provide the patient the tests, treatment, and care they need to be as healthy as possible.  

What do you love about the University of Minnesota Health community?

I love the opportunity to work with other departments within University of Minnesota Health. I enjoy being able to communicate with all the departments—from medical specialties to our billing office—that help a patient receive great care.