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Married for nearly 70 years, husband and wife reunite after both battled COVID-19

John and Adele Davis, 93 and 91 years old, were hospitalized for COVID-19 at two M Health Fairview hospitals. They reunited at a transitional care unit, where the two recovered together.

Pam Rose worried when her 93-year-old dad tested positive for COVID-19 and was sent to M Health Fairview Bethesda Hospital for treatment. Her worries doubled a week later when her mom, 91, also tested positive and was transferred to M Health Fairview St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“I never expected to see them again after everything I had seen on the news,” Pam said.

Her parents, John and Adele Davis, have been married for 69 years. The two are known in their family for the loving care and concern they have always shown one another.

“To my dad, everything is about my mom,” Pam said.

So it came as a relief to John, Adele, and their entire family when the two were able to reunite in a specialized COVID-19 recovery wing at the Ebenezer Ridges Transitional Care Unit adjacent to M Health Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville, Minn. Staff at the facility arranged for John and Adele to share a recovery room, after both of them had completed their hospitalization and were on the mend from COVID-19.

“John’s mood seemed to improve once Adele was admitted to the facility,” said Social Worker Stephanie Baker, who cared for the pair during their recovery. “They participated in each other’s care conferences and seemed to be genuinely concerned for one another.”

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Adele regularly participated in a sewing and quilting group alongside several of her friends. As a safety precaution, they stopped meeting as a group during the pandemic but continued to use their talents to sew face masks for donation.

While Adele worked on sewing projects, John regularly offered to help when she would need a seam removed. Pam says the small act is one of the countless ways John has demonstrated his love. 

On May 26, Pam and the care team at the transitional care unit celebrated John and Adele’s discharge from the recovery program. That day, Pam brought her parents back home, where they’ve continued to regain strength and return to their normal activities.

When they walked in the door to their home, Adele’s sewing machine was still sitting on the kitchen table.

“It means everything to our family that they’ve both gone home and were able to support each other through this,” Pam said. “They’re able to resume their life now on the other side of this. And I know their support of each other helped them both as they fought through it together.”