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M Health Fairview launches curbside care at clinics

Physicians encourage people to not put off needed care like vaccinations, blood pressure checks.
At the curbside locations, patients can undergo procedures including blood-pressure checks, immunizations, and select injections while remaining in their car or in a curbside chair.

M Health Fairview launched curbside care at several of its clinics, a new initiative designed to provide high-quality, accessible care for patients while reducing potential exposure to COVID-19. This innovation offers a convenient way for patients to receive much-needed preventive care, normally provided in a clinic setting, without leaving their car or the parking lot.

On Monday, April 27, curbside services will be offered by appointment only at the M Health Fairview AndoverBrooklyn Park, Elk RiverOxboro, and Woodbury clinics. At the curbside locations, patients can undergo procedures including blood-pressure checks, immunizations, swabbing for strep testing, and select injections from the privacy of their car or a curbside chair.

M Health Fairview is looking to add additional services in the coming weeks.

Internist and Pediatrician Jeff Norman, MD, who serves as Vice President of Medical Practice for primary care, said the curbside program provides a terrific resource to ensure patients get the care they need, while staying protected from COVID-19.

“It’s really getting us back to what we focus on in primary care,” Norman said. “It's not just caring for people when they are sick, but encouraging wellness and partnering with our patients to ensure chronic diseases are optimally managed.”

What patients need to know:

  • Curbside care is offered by appointment only.
  • Patients must call ahead for an appointment: 1-855-324-7843
  • To ensure that staff and providers are fully prepared to serve patients, unscheduled drive-up care is not available at this time.
  • Individuals with urgent needs should still go to urgent care or the emergency room.
  • Testing for COVID-19 is not currently being offered at these clinic locations. Please visit for more information on COVID-19 testing.