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Nearly 70 University of Minnesota Health physicians recognized as “Top Doctors: Rising Stars” in 2018

On March 14, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine released its 2018 edition of “Top Doctors: Rising Stars,” an annual list of up-and-coming physicians who are making a mark in medicine.
Ophthalmologist Joshua Hou, MD, is one of nearly 70 University of Minnesota Health physicians honored in March 2018 by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. This is the fourth year the magazine has produced "Top Doctors: Rising Stars."

Nearly 70 University of Minnesota Health physicians have been honored as “Rising Stars” this year by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

On Wednesday, the magazine released the 2018 edition of “Top Doctors: Rising Stars,” an annual list of up-and-coming physicians who are making a mark in their fields. This year, 67 University of Minnesota Health doctors across 23 medical specialties were included in the list. Three doctors affiliated with University of Minnesota Physicians were also recognized. 

Scroll down for a complete list of our doctors named “Rising Stars” this year. 

To be selected by the magazine, “Rising Stars” candidates must be fully licensed and have been practicing in their specialty area for 10 years or less. Each physician named to the list was nominated by their peers in the field. All candidates are then evaluated on a variety of factors, including professional achievement, review by an expert physician panel, and individual disciplinary history.

This year, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine highlighted a total of 378 local physicians across many health systems. See the full list of University of Minnesota Health and University of Minnesota Physicians honorees below. Pediatric physicians are noted with * following their names. 


Jacob Hutchins, MD


Matthew Ambrose, MD*
Gurumurthy Hiremath, MD, MBBS, FACC*
Henri Roukoz, MD
Aura Sanchez Mejia, MD*
Chetan Shenoy, MBBS


Christina Boull, MD*
Kevin Gaddis, MD 
Daniel Miller, MD

Emergency Medicine

Kari Schneider, MD*


Anne Bantle, MD
Muna Sunni, MBBCH, MS*

Family Medicine

Robert Levy, MD
Tanner Nissly, DO
Jason Ricco, MD, MPH
Amanda Weinmann, MD


James Abraham, MD
Justin Howard, MD
Nicholas Lim, MD
Amar Mahgoub, MD
Guru Trikudanathan, MD, MBBS
Byron Vaughn, MD
Kimberly Viskocil, MD

Gynecologic Oncology

Britt Erickson, MD
Colleen Rivard Hunt, MD


Marshall Mazepa, MD

Infectious Disease

Archana Bhaskaran, MD
Jaime Green, MD
Shane McAllister, MD, PhD*

Internal Medicine

Briar Duffy, MD
Ryan Kelly, MD*
Annette Nijjar, MD
Bernard Trappey, MD*

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Katherine Jacobs, DO


Samy Riad, MD, MS


Andrew W. Grande, MD, FRCS, FAANS
Kristen Jones, MD
Michael Park, MD


Heather Beckwith, MD


Ray Areaux, MD*
Joshua Hou, MD
Amanda Maltry, MD
Collin McClelland, MD*
Ali Mokhtarzadeh, MD
Joshua Olson, MD
Michael Page, MD, MA


Jennifer Hsia, MD
Sobia Khaja, MD
Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD
Brianne Roby, MD*


Lara Al-Ejeilat, MD*
Matthew Armfield, MD*
Judith Eckerle, MD*
Naomi Goloff, MD*
Laura Hagemeyer, MD*


Prachi Agarwala, MD*
Jessica Cici, MD*
Christopher Erickson, MD*
Katharine Nelson, MD


Kelly Dietz, MD*
Siobhan Flanagan, MD*
Michael Murati, MD*
Jeffrey Rykken, MD
Tina Sanghvi, MD
Benjamin Spilseth, MD
Takashi Takahashi, MD

Sports Medicine

David Jewison, MD

Surgical Oncology

Jane Yet Ching Hui, MD, MS


Stephen Bennett, MD
Michael S. Borofsky, MD