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More than 200 University of Minnesota Health physicians named “Top Doctors” in 2017 by Minnesota Monthly

Each year, Minnesota Monthly magazine surveys more than 10,000 doctors across the state. Their responses form the basis of the magazine’s annual “Top Doctors” list.
Cardiologist Stephen Battista, MD, is one of more than 220 University of Minnesota Health and University of Minnesota Physicians doctors recognized by Minnesota Monthly in 2017. This week, the magazine released its annual list of "Top Doctors." The physicians on the list are chosen based on the results of a survey sent to approximately 10,000 care providers across the state..

The results are in: 226 University of Minnesota Health and University of Minnesota Physicians doctors have been recognized this year as “Top Doctors” by Minnesota Monthly magazine.

The 2017 list, released this week by the magazine, includes more than 1,000 total physicians across the state. To develop the rankings, the magazine asks more than 10,000 licensed physicians in Minnesota a single question: “If you or a loved one needed medical care, which doctor would you recommend?”

Survey participants are asked to name three doctors—other than themselves—in each specialty category. The answers are compiled by Minnesota Monthly, and the doctors whose names appear most frequently are recognized in an edition of the magazine.

Minnesota Monthly first introduced the list in 2014. Formerly known as “Best Doctors,” the list is now named “Top Doctors.” Last year, 162 M Health and University of Minnesota Physicians experts were honored by the magazine. This year, our doctors make up more than 20 percent of the total list. The prominence of our physicians reflects the depth of our expertise and our statewide medical leadership—as well as our commitment to patients, families and referring physician colleagues.

Scroll down to see the complete list of University of Minnesota Health and University of Minnesota Physicians doctors recognized in 2017 by Minnesota MonthlyPediatric specialists are marked with an asterisk.

Addiction Medicine

Robert Levy, MD
Sheila Specker, MD


Kumar Belani, MBBS, MS, FACA, FAAP
Martina Richtsfeld, MD

Breast Surgery

Madeline Gartner, MD
Todd Tuttle, MD, MS


Matthew Ambrose, MD*
Rebecca Ameduri, MD*
John Bass, MD*
Stephen Battista, MD, FACC
Elizabeth Braunlin, MD, PhD*
Rebecca Cogswell, MD, NNP
Gurumurthy Hiremath Mallikarjun, MD, MBBS, FACC*
Jamie Lohr, MD*
Cindy Martin, MD
Edward “Chip” Martin-Chafee, MD*
Shanthi Sivanandam, MD*
Julia Steinberger, MD, MS*
Ganesh Raveendran, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Rosemary Kelly, MD

Colon and Rectal Surgery

Wolfgang Gaertner, MD
Mary Kwaan, MD, MPH
Robert Madoff, MD
Genevieve Melton-Meaux, MD, PhD

Critical Care Medicine

William Browne, MD
Gwenyth Fischer, MD*
Caroline George, MD*
Sameer Gupta, MD*
Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH*
Marie Steiner, MD, MS*
Felix Zamora, MD


Kimberly Bohjanen, MD
Ronda Farah, MD
Kristen Hook, MD*
Maria Hordinsky, MD
Sheilagh Maguiness, MD*
Ingrid Polcari, MD*

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Andrew Barnes, MD, MP*
Katherine Murray, MD, MPH*
Michael Reiff, MD*

Emergency Medicine

Ronald Furnival, MD*
Jeffrey Louie, MD*
Mark Roback, MD*

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Melena Bellin, MD*
Lynn Burmeister, MD
Lisa Chow, MD, MS
Bradley Miller, MD, PhD*
Antoinette Moran, MD*
Brandon Nathan, MD*
Kyriakie Sarafoglu, MD*
Elizabeth Seaquist, MD

Family Medicine

Patricia Adam, MD, MSPH
Nicole Chaisson, MD, MPH
Kirby Clark, MD
Renee Crichlow, MD
Roli Dwivedi, MD
Christopher Fallert, MD
Jon Hallberg, MD
Carrie Link, MD
Timothy Ramer, MD
Jamie Santilli, MD
David Satin, MD

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Stuart Amateau, MD, PhD
Martin Freeman, MD
Mohamed Hassan, MD
Justin Howard, MD
Alexander Khoruts, MD
John Lake, MD
Catherine Larson-Nath, MD, CNSC
James Mallery, MD
Sarah Schwarzenberg, MD*
Boris Sudel, MD
Byron Vaughn, MD
Jose Vega Peralta, MD

General Surgery

Robert Acton, MD*
Kaysie Banton, MD
Gregory Beilman, MD
Jorge Granja, MD
Donavon Hess, MD, PhD, MBA*
Torfi Hoskuldsson, MD
Daniel Saltzman, MD, PhD*
Bradley Segura, MD, PhD*


Susan Berry, MD*
Mary Ella Pierpont, MD, PhD*
Chester Whitley, MD, PhD

Geriatric Medicine

Teresa McCarthy, MD, MS
James Pacala, MD, MS

Gynecologic Oncology

Peter Argenta, MD
Linda Carson, MD, FACOG
Levi Downs, Jr. MD, MS, FACOG
Melissa Geller, MD
Sally Mullany, MD
Colleen Rivard Hunt, MD

Hand Surgery

Deborah Bohn, MD
Amy Moeller, MD
Ann Van Heest, MD


Yvonne Datta, MD
Mark Reding, MD
Gregory Vercellotti, MD, FACP


Anne Blaes, MD
Emily Greengard, MD*
Emil Lou, MD, PhD, FACP
Christopher Moertel, MD*
Joseph Neglia, MD, MPH*
Karim Sadak, MD, MPH, MSE*
Marie Steiner, MD*
Lucie Turcotte, MD, MHP*
Brenda Weigel, MD, MSc*
Douglas Yee, MD

Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Drew Rosielle, MD

Hospital Medicine

Jordan Marmet, MD*
Andrew Olson, MD
Michael Pitt, MD*

Infectious Diseases

David Boulware, MD, MPH, CTropMed
Winston Cavert, MD
Meghan Rothenberger, MD
David Strike, MD
Jo-Anne Young, MD

Internal Medicine

Michael Aylward, MD, FACP
Bradley Benson, MD
James Langland, MD
David Macomber, MD
Tanya Melnik, MD
Elizabeth Rogers, MD
Brian Sick, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Dan Landers, MD, FACOG
Yasuko Yamamura, MD


Catherine Bendel, MD
Thomas George, MD
Michael Georgieff, MD
Sixto Guiang, MD
Erin Osterholm, MD


Sarah Elfering, MD
Christian Hanna, MD, MS*
Milind Junghare, MD
Clifford Kashtan, MD*
Michelle Rheault, MD
Samy Riad, MD, MS
Mark Rosenberg, MD
Richard Spong, MD
Priya Verghese, MD, MPH*
Katti Woerner, DO


Peter Karachunski, MD
Christopher Streib, MD
David Walk, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Suzanne Darnell, MD
Rebecca French, MD
Samantha Hoffman, MD
Mary Pukite, MD
Carrie Terrell, MD, FACOG


Raymond Areaux, MD*
Michael Lee, MD
Ali Mokhtarzadeh, MD
Eric van Kuijk, MD, PhD

Solid Organ Transplant

Srinath Chinnakotla, MD
Ty Dunn, MD, MS
Raja Kandaswamy, MD


Elizabeth Arendt, MD*
Jonathan Braman, MD
Edward Cheng, MD
Denis Clohisy, MD*
Alicia Harrison, MD, MS*
Patrick Morgan, MD


Meredith Adams, MD
Holly Boyer, MD
Emiro Caicedo-Granados, MD
Tina Huang, MD
Luke Jakubowski, MD*
Samir Khariwala, MD
Samuel Levine, MD
Stephanie Misono, MD, MPH
Frank Ondrey, MD, PhD, FACS
Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH

Pain Management

Matthew Armfield, MD, MAED*
Naomi Goloff, MD*


Emily Borman-Shoap, MD*
Abraham Jacob, MD, MHA*

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Scott Crowe, MD
Dennis Dykstra, MD, PhD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Non-Cosmetic)

Marie-Claire Buckley, MD
Umar Choudry, MD
Peter Hilger, MD
Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD


Prachi Agarwala, MD*
Gail Bernstein, MD*
Kathryn Cullen, MD*

Radiation Oncology

L. Chinsoo Cho, MD, MS
Kathryn Dusenbery, MD
Jianling Yuan, MD, PhD


Charles Dietz, MD
Kelly Dietz, MD
Tara Holm, MD
Jessica Kuehn-Hajder, MD
Michael Murati, MD
David Nascene, MD
Frederick Ott, MD
Michael Rosenberg, MD
Benjamin Spilseth, MD


Peter Bitterman, MD
Jordan Dunitz, MD
Marshall Hertz, MD
Hyun Kim, MD
Theresa Laguna, MD, MSCS*


Bryce Binstadt, MD, PhD
Colleen Correll, MD
Parastoo Fazeli, MD
Patricia Hobday, MD
Jerry Molitor, MD, PhD
Daniel Mueller, MD
Richard Vehe, MD

Sleep Disorders

Tereza Cervenka, MD
Conrad Iber, MD

Sports Medicine

Heather Bergeson, MD, FAAP*
David Jewison, MD
Jeffrey Macalena, MD
Bradley Nelson, MD
David Olson, MD, CAQ
Steven Stovitz, MD, MS, CAQ

Thoracic Surgery

Rafael Andrade, MD


J. Kyle Anderson, MD
Sean Elliot, MD
William Kaylor, MD
Badrinath Konety, MD
Jane Lewis, MD
Christopher Warlick, MD, PhD
Christopher Weight, MD

Urology (Women)
Nissrine Nakib, MD