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FAQ: What you need to know about our new University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center

We’ve compiled a helpful list of frequently asked questions about our University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center.
The University of Minnesota Clinics and Surgery Center is a new, 342,000-square-foot care facility opening in February 2016 on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota Medical Center campus.

In February 2016, the doors to the new University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center will swing open for our patients and families.

The 342,000-square-foot facility—located on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota Medical Center campus—will serve as a catalyst for our extraordinary patient care and innovative research, and will house most of the M Health clinics currently located in the Phillips-Wangensteen and Mayo Buildings on the medical center campus.

To help you learn more about the center, we’ve collected a list of frequently asked questions for patients, families and community members. Don’t see your question on this list? Post a comment in the feed at the bottom of this article! 

What is the Clinics and Surgery Center?

The University of Minnesota Clinics and Surgery Center is a new, 342,000-square-foot care facility opening in February 2016 on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota Medical Center campus. The five-floor facility was designed and developed around the twin principles of innovation and accessibility. To meet that vision, we are offering expanded clinic hours and leveraging state-of-the-art technology to improve the patient experience. During your visit to the Clinics and Surgery Center, your care will be coordinated seamlessly across multiple specialties; your treatment will be led by our highly skilled, collaborative care teams. Learn more about the center.

What’s in the Clinics and Surgery Center?

The center will house 37 adult medical specialties, ranging from primary care to neurology to cardiology. These clinics are moving from their current locations in the Phillips-Wangensteen or Mayo Buildings on the university campus. In addition to these clinics, the center also includes the following facilities or features:
  • An Ambulatory Surgery and Procedure Center
  • A retail pharmacy
  • Imaging services, including interventional radiology and mammography
  • A café with a full service menu for patients and visitors
  • 171 spacious exam rooms
  • 10 operating rooms in our Ambulatory Surgery and Procedure Center—six of which will be open on day 1—where surgeons can provide surgery for healthy patients who could then be discharged the same day of their procedure.
  • 6 procedure rooms, for patients who need minor surgeries or procedures requiring local anesthetic or conscious IV sedation. Examples include vein ablations, cataract procedures and more.

Click here for a list of all the specialties and services moving to the Clinics and Surgery Center and opening dates.

How did you cram all of that into the center?

Our clinics will be housed in flexible, modular spaces that can be shared by doctors, care providers, research coordinators and others who work in different specialty areas. This approach will allow us to adjust on a day-to-day basis to the number of patients who need a specific service. Many of the exam rooms share a consistent design and equipment, and are larger to accommodate a patient’s family members. Each clinic also has a “collaboration space,” where care providers from one or more specialties can meet to discuss your care.

How will I find my way around the building?

Don’t worry! To help patients get where they need to go, our friendly concierges will also greet you when you first arrive to check you in and answer any questions you may have. Our electronic signage and badge location system, called Care Connect, will also assist you during your visit.

What is Care Connect?

In our new Clinics and Surgery center, Care Connect will help care teams easily find patients and each other. Care Connect will provide a better staff and patient experience by reducing wait times, and helping us to deliver more personalized care. Patients and staff will be asked to wear a Care Badge that helps us know their location within the Clinics and Surgery Center. You will receive a Care Badge at check-in to wear during your entire visit to the CSC. When your care provider is ready to see you, the badge will allow one of our staff members to find you and bring you to the appropriate location for your appointment.

Care Connect reduces patient wait times by alerting clinic staff if a patient has been waiting too long at any point during the visit. During your visit to the Clinics and Surgery Center, you may need to access care at multiple locations within the building. For example, a patient who visits our Orthopaedic Clinic on the fourth floor may need additional CTI or MRI imaging, which is located on the first floor. With Care Connect, our care teams can keep an eye on your progress and be ready for you each step of the way.

What about before and after my appointment? Are you making changes to those services, too?

Our patients can use MyChart, a secure online health connection, to:
  • Request or cancel an appointment
  • Use our NEW eCheck-In service, which allows you to check in from home and complete visit questionnaires before your appointment, so that more time during your visit is spent with your care team
  • See your past and upcoming appointment dates and times
  • See your test results
  • Request a prescription refill
  • See your health information and medical records, including immunization records, allergies and previous After Visit Summaries
  • Communicate easily with your care team and get your questions answered in a timely manner

MyChart is even available in free, secure a mobile app for iPhone and Android users. Search “MyChart” in your App Store to begin using it today. Our eCheck-In service and patient questionnaires are not available on the mobile app.

So how is the Clinics and Surgery Center fostering medical innovation?

Clinical research is core to our mission and sets our care apart. The Clinics and Surgery Center was designed to accommodate research, and we hope the facility will help us engage you in the process of innovation and discovery. University of Minnesota’s StudyFinder is a one-stop shop that allows our patients to look up any eligible clinical trials and connect with our research teams. Patients will be able to access this tool in kiosks stationed throughout the Clinics and Surgery Center. Be sure to check out our video monitors in the building for news about new research advancements! Don’t worry, our research teams work seamlessly with our care teams to ensure that your experience, should you choose to participate in a research study, is as smooth and convenient as possible. 

You mentioned expanded hours. Tell me more.

On weekdays, the Clinics and Surgery Center will be open 12 hours a day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. This will offer you, our patients, greater flexibility and ease when scheduling appointments. We will also have limited Saturday hours, from 8 a.m. to noon. Some specialty services housed in the center will have variable hours, and may be open earlier or later than other services. Please check with your care team and scheduler for specific appointment availability.

What about parking and transportation?

To simplify your experience, we plan to offer a dramatically improved, full-service valet parking at the Clinics and Surgery Center. All you’ll have to do is drive your car up to the front of the building, and let our valets take it from there.

Even if you prefer to find parking on your own, we ask that you bring your vehicle through the arrival area outside the main entrance of the Clinics and Surgery Center so that our valet team can direct you to the most appropriate parking zone. Depending on the purpose of your visit or other needs, you may be directed to park in the surface lot immediately west of the center, or in the Oak Street Parking Ramp one block northwest of the center.

Disability parking will be located in a convenient surface lot next to the building. The valet team will instruct you where to park upon arrival at the front of the building. We will also have a regular shuttle service for patients who need to be transported to other locations on the University of Minnesota Medical Center campus.

Click here for more information about parking and transportation to the Clinics and Surgery Center, including a map.