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Q&A: OB/GYN Christy Boraas, MD, wants to make the world a healthier, more equitable place for women

Obstetrician/Gynecologist Christy Boraas, MD, specializes in contraception and family planning.
Obstetrician/Gynecologist Christy Boraas, MD, joined University of Minnesota Health in 2015. She specializes in contraception and family planning.

It’s hard to stay away from Minnesota—and University of Minnesota Health.

Obstetrician/Gynecologist Christy Boraas, MD, joined the M Health Women’s Health Specialists Clinic in 2015 after a professional road peppered with various stops, including earning her master’s in public health and medical degree from the University of Minnesota, completing an obstetrics and gynecology resident at The Ohio State University and a family planning fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh’s Magee-Womens Hospital in 2014.

Now, she’s back at M Health to focus on family planning, contraception and women’s health. Boraas recently took time to talk to us about her profession, and her desire to make the world a healthier, more equitable place for women. 

Why did you want to practice with University of Minnesota Health?

As a native Minnesotan, my goal after completing my medical training was to have a practice in Minnesota. I had a great experience in medical school at the University of Minnesota and I am passionate about academic medicine. I enjoy working with residents, medical students and other health professions learners—and the Women’s Health Specialists Clinic just feels like home! 

Why are you passionate about OB/GYN? 

Throughout my medical and public health training, I have witnessed glaring indifferences in women's reproductive health in the United States and abroad. Thousands of maternal deaths and millions of unintended pregnancies occur unnecessarily every year and it is a profoundly inequitable price for the world's women to pay. I am passionate about obstetrics and gynecology because, through my profession, I get to help make the world healthier and more equitable for women. 

Learn more about our services at the Women's Health Specialists Clinic.

What do you do in the area of family planning and contraception?

As a family planning specialist, I provide evidence-based, comprehensive reproductive health care with compassion and dignity and a respect for my patients’ rights. I am pleased to be able to do so in a division and department wholly supportive of women’s reproductive rights. At M Health, I am surrounded by providers who share my passion.

Why are those areas important to you?

Assuring that all pregnancies are wanted and safe is at the core of a healthy, equitable world. Even today, around the world, many women will die as a result of pregnancies they did not desire and would have avoided if they were given education and means to do so. Women, pregnant or not, are full members of society, capable of making informed decisions about complex issues and deserving of respect as their own moral agents. I feel privileged when a woman comes to me and entrusts me to help guide her in the medical safety of her reproductive health decision-making. 

How will your arrival help M Health expand its care in those service areas?

With my subspecialty training, I will help provide surgical and medical options for women. I will also perform research related to best practices in contraceptive care. We are going to expand patient-centered options for women who experience early pregnancy failure to be able to have treatment in an outpatient setting, in clinic, rather than the operating room. We are also partnering with other M Health specialists who take care of women with complex medical conditions to be able to offer evidence-based reproductive health care, including contraceptive and pregnancy options.