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Mpls.St.Paul Magazine recognizes 128 M Health physicians as “Top Doctors”

The magazine released its 19th annual Top Doctors edition this week. Each of the doctors named were chosen by their peers.
A total of 128 University of Minnesota Health doctors and 152 UMPhysicians doctors were chosen by their peers for inclusion in the Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s 2015 “Top Doctors” list.

University of Minnesota Health is proud to announce that 128 of our physicians, representing 39 medical specialties, were named “Top Doctors” this year by Mpls. St. Paul Magazine.

The magazine released its 19th annual Top Doctors edition this week, features 128 University of Minnesota Health physicians representing 39 specialties. A total of 152 UMPhysicians doctors, representing 20 percent of all the magazine’s listings, were named in the magazine’s rankings. University of Minnesota Health represents a collaboration between University of Minnesota Physicians and University of Minnesota Medical Center.

The magazine’s Top Doctors rankings are determined by a survey sent to 2,500 physicians and 2,500 registered nurses, who indicate which doctors they would go to in pre-selected specialties. Physicians who receive the top 15 percent of the vote in each specialty are featured in Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. Survey participants are randomly selected from the State of Minnesota’s list of licensed physicians and nurses in the 10-county metro area.

Top Doctors is only one of many ways our physicians receive recognition from their peers and other governing medical institutions. Earlier this month, five of our pediatric specialties were ranked nationally in U.S. News and World Report’s annual “Best Children’s Hospital” list.

Scroll down to see the complete list of UMPhysicians and M Health doctors recognized by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.


Kumar G. Belani, MD

Richard C. Prielipp, MD

Cardiac Surgery

Ranjit John, MD

Rosemary F. Kelly, MD

Kenneth K. Liao, MD

Sara J. Shumway, MD


Stephen C. Battista, MD

Candace D. Dick, MD

Eric R. Ernst, MD, FACC

Karl W. Foster-Smith, MD, FACC

Gary S. Francis, MD FACC, FAHA, FACP

Steven M. Heifetz, MD, FACC

Alan T. Hirsch, MD, FACC

David D. Laxson, MD

Richard C. Madlon-Kay, MD

Ganesh Raveendran, MD, MS

Scott Sakaguchi, MD, FACC

Colon & Rectal Surgery

Robert D. Madoff, MD

David A. Rothenberger, MD

Critical Care Medicine

David H. Ingbar, MD

Christopher J. Sullivan, MD


Kimberly A. Bohjanen, MD

Maria K. Hordinsky, MD

Peter K. Lee, MD, PhD

Emergency Medicine

Ronald A. Furnival, MD

Mark G. Roback, MD


John P. Bantle, MD

Charles J. Billington, MD

Lynn A. Burmeister, MD

Bradley S. Miller, MD, PhD

Antoinette M. Moran, MD

Brandon M. Nathan, MD

J. Bruce Redmon, MD

Elizabeth R. Seaquist, MD

Family Medicine

Patricia Adam, MD, MSPH

Nicole Chaisson, MD

Jon S. Hallberg, MD

Kara K. Pacala, MD

Jamie D. Santilli, MD

Carolyn J. Torkelson, MD


Alan D. Baldridge, MD

Martin L. Freeman, MD

Mohamed A. Hassan, MD

John R. Lake, MD

J. Shawn Mallery, MD

Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg, MD

Boris Sudel, MD


Teresa McCarthy, MD

James T. Pacala, MD


Philip B. McGlave, MD

Mark T. Reding, MD

Marie E. Steiner, MD, MS

Gregory M. Vercellotti, MD


Kathryn E. Dusenbery, MD

Edward W. Greeno, MD

Christopher L. Moertel, MD

Joseph P. Neglia, MD, MPH

Paul J. Orchard, MD

Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

John E. Wagner, Jr., MD

Brenda J. Weigel, MD, MSC

Douglas Yee, MD

Infectious Disease

Patricia Ferrieri, MD

Mark R. Schleiss, MD

Daniel A. Zydowicz, MD

Internal Medicine

Bradley J. Benson, MD

Maternal/Fetal Medicine

Daniel V. Landers, MD

Tracy L. Prosen, MD

Kirk D. Ramin, MD

Yasuko Yamamura, MD

Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

Catherine M. Bendel, MD

Michael K. Georgieff, MD


Blanche M. Chavers, MD

Clifford E. Kashtan, MD

Connie L. Manske, MD

Michelle Rheault, MD

Neurological Surgery

Daniel J. Guillaume, MD, MS

Stephen J. Haines, MD, FACS

Matthew A. Hunt, MD, FRCS


Thomas R. Henry, MD

Paul J. Tuite, MD

David Walk, MD


Peter A. Argenta, MD

Linda F. Carson, MD

Melissa A. Geller, MD

Carrie Ann Terrell, MD


Erick D. Bothun, MD

Andrew Harrison, MD

C. Gail Summers, MD

Martha M. Wright, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Jonathan Braman, MD

Edward Y. Cheng, MD

Denis R. Clohisy, MD

Mark T. Dahl, MD

Bradley Nelson, MD

Ann E. Van Heest, MD


Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH


Anthony A. Killeen, MD, PhD

Robert W. McKenna, MD

Pediatric Surgery

Robert D. Acton, MD

Daniel A. Saltzman, MD, PhD


Susan A. Berry, MD

Abraham Jacob, MD

Physical Med/Rehabilitation (Physiatry)

Dennis D. Dykstra, MD, PhD

Plastic Surgery

Bruce L. Cunningham, MD


Gail A. Bernstein, MD

Sheila M. Specker, MD

Pulmonary Medicine

Joanne L. Billings, MD, MPH

Jordan M. Dunitz, MD

Marshall I. Hertz, MD

Hyun Joo Kim, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology

William R. Phipps, MD


Bryce A. Binstadt, MD

Jerry A. Molitor, MD

Richard K. Vehe, MD

Sleep Medicine

Conrad Iber, MD

Sports Medicine

Elizabeth A. Arendt, MD

David E. Olson, MD

Steven D. Stovitz, MD

Surgery, General

Greg J. Beilman, MD

Maria R. Evasovich, MD

James V. Harmon, Jr., MD

Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD

Eric H. Jensen, MD

Todd M. Tuttle, MD

Richard T. Zera, MD, PhD

Thoracic Surgery

Rafael S. Andrade, MD

Transplant Surgery

Timothy L. Pruett, MD


J. Kyle Anderson, MD

Sean P. Elliott, MD, MS, FACS

Badrinath R. Konety, MD, MBA