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Spotlight: Jakub Tolar, MD, seeks inspiration in daily exercise

Jakub Tolar, MD, a pediatric blood and marrow transplant physician, says some of his best ideas come while he’s running or kayaking.
Jakub Tolar, MD, balances the mental intensity of his work as a blood and marrow transplant physician with physical exercise.

What does Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, do when he’s confronted with a difficult medical issue or question at work?

He hits the road—or the river.

Tolar, a pediatric blood and marrow transplant physician with University of Minnesota Health, runs or kayaks to the University of Minnesota Medical Center every day. Often, the physical activity allows him to approach a medical challenge from a different angle.

“Some of the best ideas I get, I get while I run,” Tolar said. “I get ideas that are out of the box and unusual from different fields of knowledge other than medicine or biology when I run. It’s a balance of working with your head and working with your body.

“It helps tremendously to balance the mental intensity that comes with work in science and medicine with a physical one; you get better at both.”